New age-reversing mechanism reprograms your cells to Grow Younger!
12th December 2015
Some Important Cancer Information
25th August 2016


Prevention is better than trying to cure Alzheimer’s Disease.
One of the most important steps in preventing Alzheimer’s Disease is to ensure
that you are alkaline. Blood pH is very well regulated in the human body, but
the extracellular matrix may be very acidic even though blood pH is normal. At
a low pH the structure of proteins and peptides changes and at low pH iron,
copper or zinc can be released causing a logarithmic increase in Free Radical
production. The proteins or peptide remnants can also cross link forming advanced
glycation endproducts (AGE’s) which accumulate in the extracellular matrix. You
can become more alkaline by making sure that your diet includes plenty of organic
vegetables. For more info. download the eBook “Reversing Alzheimer’s” by Dr. Gerald Veurink.

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