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UWA researcher publishes tips to stave off Alzheimer’s

A PhD thesis which found a dietary supplement of a combination of antioxidants was effective in improving memory has been taken on by an international publishing house.

Dr Gerald Veurink, a researcher from The University of Western Australia, tested the efficacy of a combination of Vitamin E acetate, Vitamin C palmitate, Grape Seed Extract (Pycnogenol) and Ginkgo biloba on the neuropathology, in an animal model, of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Veurink’s PhD results demonstrated that a dietary supplement of combined antioxidants improved the memory of mice affected by Alzheimer’s.

The thesis has added to the body of evidence which supports the theory that high cholesterol diets and oxidative stress exacerbate, and may in fact initiate, the development of Alzheimer’s.

The results suggest antioxidant therapy has the potential to prevent, or slow down disease development of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. Dr Veurink said he hoped his thesis, published in Germany under the title, "A Radical Approach to Treating Degenerative Diseases", would help raise awareness of the importance of preventative therapy. “It is wonderful to have my work recognised and accepted as worthwhile to be published in book form so that others may also be informed and so that it may contribute to the enhancement of treatments for degenerative diseases,” he said. "A Radical Approach to Treating Degenerative Diseases" is available from all major book distributors in the US and Europe and from, Rediff Books,, and

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