Slow down aging, while restoring the strength, energy and endurance of your youth by maintaining the health of your telomeres.
25th August 2016

Some Important Cancer Information

1. Cancers thrive on sugars, they ferment them and produce lactic acid as one of the byproducts. They so create for themselves an ideal environment in which […]
12th December 2015
Prevention is better than trying to cure Alzheimer’s Disease. One of the most important steps in preventing Alzheimer’s Disease is to ensure that you are alkaline. […]
12th December 2015

New age-reversing mechanism reprograms your cells to Grow Younger!

Enjoy a “Young again” heart, brain, joints, eyes, lungs and body. Enjoy great cholesterol and triglycerides numbers… a sharp memory….joint comfort and mobility…. and even healthy […]