Slow down aging, while restoring the strength, energy and endurance of your youth by maintaining the health of your telomeres.
12th March 2020

Treating Viral Infections

After viewing multiple media shows on TV. and the internet I am concerned that no mention is made of effective treatments demonstrated by medical research to […]
23rd October 2019

ISET Foundation

The ISET Foundation is a non profit organisation which aims to advance Scientific and Technology Research and Education in India. A very worthwhile cause that will […]
14th March 2018

Turmeric’s full potential finally unleashed

Turmeric’s active ingredient called Curcumin, may impart long-term Cognitive (Memory, Thinking, Concentration) Benefits. Recent research suggests curcumin may have long-term effects on your cognitive function by […]
1st March 2018

Easiest and most effective way to Prevent and even Reverse Chronic Degenerative Diseases.

Chronic Inflammation which also increases Free Radical production, is the root cause of all Chronic Degenerative Diseases. Therefore removing chronic inflammation is critically important in preventing […]